Grab yourself some free cake by referring us to a friend!
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Yes, you did read that correctly!!

Introducing our new, "Refer A Friend" Scheme!

For each person that you refer to us, you will receive a free box of cupcakes! How amazing is that?!

Showing support in our local community and small businesses right now is vital and what better way to show your support... and you get free cake so it's a win, win situation!


How to refer someone:

  • If your friend/someone you know is looking for a cake maker/bakery, send them to our facebook page, instagram page or get them to email me; Or give me their contact email and I will contact them!

  • When they put through an order, get them to give us your name and your previous invoice number. (If you no longer have that, don't worry, your name should be enough!)

  • Once the individual has placed their order with a paid deposit, you will be notified that you are on the list to receive a box of our delicious cupcakes

  • Your cupcakes will then be available for you to collect on the day that your friend/recommendation has paid in full and collects their cake!

  • If you live too far away to order a cake but would like your recommendation to order brownies for example, as long as the value is over £45 and they quote your name, that is also fine! An alternative to cupcakes will be posted out to you!*

It really is as simple as that!! The more friends you recommend, the more cupcakes you will receive!

What are you waiting for? Go get recommending!

*Terms & Conditions*

The value of the recommendations order must be over £45 - The most basic cake I do.

The order does not have to be a custom cake, it can be anything as long as the value is over £45.

Offer is limited to 5 recommendations.

The free cupcakes cannot be personalised, they will be basic flavours with a basic buttercream swirl. If you would like to personalise, we can do it but for an extra cost.

You will only qualify once your recommendation has paid fully and collected their cake.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer dietary alternatives for this offer.

We may change, extend or cancel this offer at any time.

If the cake/order is cancelled, your free cupcakes will also be cancelled.

If you live too far away for collection, as we can't post the cupcakes, I can offer a alternative that I am able to post through the mail.

*If you recommending someone to purchase baked goods through the website, a alternative to cupcakes will be posted to you but a posting charge will apply!*