Privacy Protection

This whole piece of writing below shows you exactly why we need a few pieces of information. We are following the guidelines laid out by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office in the document ‘Privacy Notes – Code of Practice’.

We will never share your user information with anyone, 

Nixies' Bakes is a home-based bakery in Braishfield, Romsey where we make and decorate all sorts of baked products, sweets, fudge and more.

​Most importantly, we need to receive your name and address so we are able to physically send out your order to you. Without this, some people just may not be able to get their delicious treats and that is not okay!​We also need your email and phone number, This is used for us to send you your confirmation of order and invoice.  It also gives us a way to contact you if we need to. If you give us your email for siging up to our newslettter, you can opt out at any time.

We take and collect data and out it into a spreadsheet about our users time spent on the website and products.#This enables us to see what products are selling best which allows you to get more out of nixies' Bakes.

We will always ask you to put in your information, If you don't want us to have any of your information via our website, Please get in contact with us via phoning us directly or via facebook.  

We us Wix to provide out website and therefor, a lot of the information is held on here. To view their policy, click on this link.

We keep all of your information under lock and key - Whether that is on our laptop which is password protected or in our paper files within a locked filing cabinet.

If you have any issues or questions about our privacy policy, please get in contact with us via